Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In an absorbing interview in 60 minutes, the Obama campaign team gives an idea of how they executed possibly the best campaign in US (and probably world) history.

Some factors that differentiated them, (and obviously the keys for success) were:
- organizing volunteers at the local level to expand the electorate
- revisiting the strategy of demarcating red and blue states
- leveraging online tools to spread awareness and message

But the question is, would all this be a success if the candidate himself did not have a message that resonated with the people?

The campaign team also clearly said in the interview that it was Obama's message through and through. They did not spend anytime in changing or adorning it as and when needed. When the reverend Wright controversy came up, Obama told the campaign that he would like to tell the people what he thought about it, and gave the historic speech in pennsylvania. As the campaign says, the option of debating whether the speech should be given or not was never on the table.

So the 3 factors above definitely worked for the campaign, but each of them being a success depended on how big the message from the candidate itself was.

And Barack Obama's message was the ultimate winning strategy.

Your breakdown of why Obama defeated McCain was on point. If the majority weren't interested in Obama's message, he wouldn't have won. I have gotten some good laughs from right-wingers who have come up with some of the lamest excuses as to why McCain lost (some people are even blaming it on Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin on SNL).

By the way, I found your blog via Lauren at Can You Be A Part of My Life. Due to some of the less than honorable tactics used by Lauren, I no longer comment on her blog. However, I still read it because it's entertaining. I am constantly amazed at how she will go on the attack/throw out accusations against people such as you who disagree with her. She did the same thing with me so I can relate. Although I like that you are one of the few people left who will comment on her blog with an opposing view, I have a feeling that you are fighting a losing battle. You are running into the same problem as me... injecting logic into the conversation. Having said that, I do applaud your efforts. Who knows... maybe one day you might break through and get her to see your side.
He did an amazing job and will as president as long as he survives.

Malcolm- Ditto on that Lauren thing I have been victim to having an entire blog dedicated to me 'an open letter to heidi' because she didnt appreciate my comments on her blog. Mind you they were on point and nice but all taken completely out of context and snipped to make me seem like a hate filled person which I am not. She on the other hand is.
Malcolm, I frequently find that with hardcore right-wingers, one would frequently have to suspend logic. They seem to go mostly with talking points without even bothering to checking the facts.

Regarding Lauren, I wouldnt call her a right-winger, but she seems to have grown somewhat bitter after the election results. Thats evident in one recent discussion where she seems to imply somehow that Obama voters were the ones mainly responsible for passing prop 8 in california. I could argue that it was more percentage of McCain voters that did it as thats entirely possible too, but I wont since I dont know for sure.
I do have to give credit to her for allowing me to put my message forth on her blog.
I agree I am not sure I will change her or any other non-Obama-supporters' minds, but all I can do is present an argument in an non-attacking way and just call her out on things that seem to defy logic or rationale.
So I guess the only things guys like me (or us) can do is to propagate an equal number of messages that enhance the positives for the Obama administration (of course only when deserved), and keep calling out the people who criticize him without much logic.
It does get tiring after a while though!

I read your comments that sparked off that blog post. I think Lauren is the kind of person who has the opinion that America can do no wrong, and that criticizing it is a complete no-no - which is not typical of just americans...theres quite a lot of people in every country like that. I can also see in your comments that you were equally critical of canadians as you were of americans and dont take it too much to heart. Personally, I am like you too, and think every country has its flaws and strengths. I wouldnt be here in america if I didnt think it was better than India, but its also imperfect in many ways...
I guess you just have to realize what kind of responses you will get and then decide whether its worthwhile trying to continue a decent discussion!
CupidsReviewsHeidi: I remember seeing the "Open Letter to Heidi" post when it originated, but didn't read it in full until a couple of days ago. In my mind, she "swiftboated" you. I forget the exact words, but I believe she described your comments as rude and nasty. I didn't see where you were being that way at all. When you were gracious enough to apologize to her, that still wasn't good enough for her. I think she sees herself as Ann Coulteresque. Why anyone would aspire to that is anybody's guess.

As I mentioned earlier, I no longer comment on her blog because of the tactics she used against me. To give you an idea of what I mean, check out the following link:


By the way, do you have a blog? If so, I'd love to read it. I clicked on your username and was taken to some type of dating site.

Chandrakant: I have no doubt about Lauren's bitterness since the election results. The discussion you pointed out (her theory that Obama voters were responsible for the passing of Prop 8) is classic Lauren. When you pointed out that the article didn't provide any evidence to support her theory, she got snarky and mistakenly thought you were talking about a different link she provided in her post. As you said, tiring indeed.

Props to you for hanging in there and presenting your opinions in a respectful manner (which is what I did). Hopefully, she doesn't start refusing to post your comments... which is what she did to me. The way she's going, it'll end up with just people who agree with everything she says. I suspect that this is what she wants.
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