Monday, December 08, 2003

I am a big fan of late music director Rahul Dev Burman and own quite a few of his creations. They are excellent food for a soul starved for good music and anytime I feel a little down, they are always there to remind me about the joy of existence. I am also a member of the yahoo group dedicated to discussions about him. The best thing that has happened to the group recently is the brilliant efforts of a member based in India Sandeep Kulkarni who has managed to establish proceedings with Universal India to release all tracks composed by the great master. First release was "Chala murari hero banne/Shubhkamna" both of which have extremely melodious songs and very rare - needless to say, a proud display in my collection! Now they are following it up with another rare combo "Shaukeen/Jaanejaan/DarlingDarling" which is already being sent to those who wanted to buy it. And while that is being done, they are already working on the third release. What an effort!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Happily happy

Lets talk about the subject I am interested in most - happiness. I have often thought about how important a role it plays in life. Well, you might say it really is a stupid question but then if it is really so important, how come may people I know are not happy, nor do they make the effort? (or is it just some of my friends??)
I have gradually adopted a mental state that strives to automatically ignore or discard things that come in the way of happiness. Thats what I believe should be one's goal. Of course I havent mastered it yet but I can happily say that I am doing it more often than before.
All questions are secondary to the question "Are you happy?". Thats what I believe one should come back to time and again and re-evaluate. Until you reach a state where it becomes part of you and you know re-evaluation no longer matters - because you do not know anything but happiness. Some religious or spiritual Hindu philosophers will equate it to the sublime state of Nirvana but I cannot since I do not know what it is. For the time being, I am happy explaining it in thoughts and feelings I am familiar with.

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