Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Now and then again, I stop what I am doing and thank the immortal spirit of Pancham a.k.a Rahul Dev Burman. If he had not existed, I would have not found my biggest passion in this life - his songs. Here are 10 songs composed by him (of the many) I couldnt live without:

1. Suno sitamgar mere (Zabardast)
2. Jeevan mein jab aise pal aayenge (Harjaaee)
3. Waadon ki shaam aayee (Anand aur anand)
4. Rang-e-mehfil (Samundar)
5. Aisa kabhi hua nahin (Ye Vaada Raha)
6. Tum ho mere dil ki dhadkan (Manzil)
7. Mera Pyaar Shalimar (Shalimar)
8. Naa jaane din kaise (Chala murari hero banne)
9. Tu rootha to main ro dooni sanam (Jawaani)
10. O yun hi gaate raho (Saagar)

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