Friday, May 28, 2004

Graphical Editor for object development

Is there a development environment where you can do object-oriented development by dragging and dropping objects on to a workspace and then edit each of those objects to write code? I am thinking something similar to an IDE like PowerBuilder or Visual Studio which allows us to drag ang drop visual objects (text boxes, checkboxes etc) and then doubleclick on them (on click a menu) to go to a corresponding code editor to edit the code?
I know that you can do some in Visual Studio (ie drag a data adapter onto a form). But I was thinking more from the point of view of non-visual classes where no visual objects are involved. Like for example, if we write a few classes for generating an order - i should be able to drag a class onto a workspace, name it "Order" and write code. Then drag another class, name it "orderline" and write code. The point is that while I edit code to the right side of the IDE, the high-level class relationship is visible on the left as a whole.
I am sure somebody must have already thought of this? maybe it already exists in IDEA, Eclipse? Or Rational? Dont know...need to check it out....

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