Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Spirituality and the existence of god

"I have often been asked if I believe that God exists. At this point, I am comfortable just saying I dont know." - me

Why do have have to take a stand on the existence of God? Why cant we just say "I dont know"? It however does not mean that I am not spiritually inclined. On the contrary, I am enamored by spirituality and have a great desire to explore it. But I have a belief that religion is not the only door to spirituality and the "something" that exists beyond the earthly plane. Religion is one way, but its not something that should be blindly followed. The only way it will make sense is to read it, analyze(very important step!) and think about what feels right to you (another very important step) before deciding if you want to make it part of your life.
As I said, I am in awe of it, I would like to find out, and discover my own ways to explore it. But if someone asks a question, I am just as comfortable saying I dont know.

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