Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In an absorbing interview in 60 minutes, the Obama campaign team gives an idea of how they executed possibly the best campaign in US (and probably world) history.

Some factors that differentiated them, (and obviously the keys for success) were:
- organizing volunteers at the local level to expand the electorate
- revisiting the strategy of demarcating red and blue states
- leveraging online tools to spread awareness and message

But the question is, would all this be a success if the candidate himself did not have a message that resonated with the people?

The campaign team also clearly said in the interview that it was Obama's message through and through. They did not spend anytime in changing or adorning it as and when needed. When the reverend Wright controversy came up, Obama told the campaign that he would like to tell the people what he thought about it, and gave the historic speech in pennsylvania. As the campaign says, the option of debating whether the speech should be given or not was never on the table.

So the 3 factors above definitely worked for the campaign, but each of them being a success depended on how big the message from the candidate itself was.

And Barack Obama's message was the ultimate winning strategy.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America!

Now the thing to watch for is the cabinet he selects. Besides his excellent VP pick, there are some really interesting people that he has indicated he will approach for the positions. Exciting picks in my opinion include:

Secretary of State - Bill Richardson
Commerce - Kathleen Sebelius
Energy - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Defense - Chuck Hagel

Follow it here: http://www.cabinet.newsladder.net/

Also interesting to watch will be the Supreme Court nominees. Exciting times!

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